All I Want For Christmas Is…


I decided this year to make a list of the things that I would really like. Unfortunately, as soon as I thought about that and thought it might be fun to put them here, I realized that I probably also had to give some thought to how I might nudge them along. Why do I always do that?

I like being loved and cared about so I decided I wanted that to continue. I didn’t want to be greedy so I decided not to ask for more…

So I guess I’d better think about how I can be better at loving and caring.

I don’t much like living in such a wealthy country with so much poverty. I want that poverty to go away…

I need to ramp up sharing all that I have with those less fortunate and be better at giving back.

I want my family to know that I love them.

I need to spend at least as much time with them as I do thinking about and working on my professional stuff.

I want well-intentioned philanthropists to spend at least as much time thinking about the impact and consequences of their generosity as they do insuring publicity about their contributions.

I need to continue to support the small circle of writers who are voices in the wilderness trying to improve understanding of complex issues in a world that values 140 character explanations.

I want the words “school reform” to be stricken from the world’s vocabulary. Along with that I want the standards, assessment, accountability movement to go away.

I need to ramp up my commitment to exploiting opportunities for testimony and op ed writing aimed at exposing the problem of trying to do the wrong thing better.

I want to see schools become centers for learning, recognizing and facilitating learning that extends beyond the walls of the school and acknowledges that learning which is learner defined and learner driven is a critical part of education for our country.

I need to learn more about opportunities that exist for such learning and can be shared. I need to work more with parent groups to create awareness of existing, but untapped opportunities for their children.

I want people who see children, schools, education, etc. as profit centers and callously use the best intentions of parents for their own selfish advantage to simply go away.

I need to be more aggressive in my support for those whose courage and mission drives them to bring such reprehensible activity to light.

I want those in our country who have endured and continue to endure poverty, racism, government and community neglect, bigotry, and hopelessness to see evidence of a commitment to reduce their suffering.

I must be better at acting on my beliefs. I need to discuss with my family what we can do.

I want peace, joy, and love for all those people that I’ve encountered on my life’s journey, especially those who have shared their gifts and wisdom with me.

Thank you to all.  Merry Christmas and blessings in this holy season.


3 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. A Christmas list I will hang on my office bulletin board to remind me everyday all year long why our job as school leaders is more important than ever!


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